A long-term strategy to improve
OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH for all is called


This will be based on a partnership of all stakeholders in the health and safety of workers. It is led by the UK Health and Safety Commission.

There is a partnership board that will oversee the work of five programme action groups.

Programme One is "to improve the law in relation to occupational health and compliance with it." COMPLIANCE This will look at involving H&S reps, increasing fines and securing consistent enforcement. Programme Two is "striving for excellence through continuous improvement in OH." CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT The focus is on culture, partnerships and health promotion KNOWLEDGE is programme 3. Systems for collecting data, commissioning and co-ordinating research and sharing knowledge will be developed. Programme 4 (SKILLS) is concerned with ensuring that all parties have the relevant competences and skills to perform their roles effectively. This will target ALL professionals involved in OH. Last, but not least, programme 5 focuses on ensuring "that  appropriate mechanisms are in place to deliver information, advice and other support on occupational health" SUPPORT.

There is a strategy web site, which is being developed.