OCCENVMED is an e-mail discussion list.

This list will be of interest to all practitioners of occupational and envi
ronmental medicine and occupational health. Its aim is to promote
discussion about current issues and to foster a global approach to research and teaching.

The list has an active group of subscribers and an extensive message archive.

The list is hosted by JISC Mail. What is the JISC? The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) is a strategic advisory committee working on behalf of the funding bodies for higher and further education (HE and FE) in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It also works in partnership with the Research Councils.

The JISC promotes the innovative application and use of information systems and information technology in HE and FE across the UK by providing vision and leadership and funding the network infrastructure, Communications and Information Technology (C&IT) and information services, development projects and high quality materials for education.

JISC Mail is the national academic mailing list service. Join OCCENVMED from the web site, or view the message archives.

Also available from this site is a list called OCC-HEALTH.