This page is intended to compile a directory of useful links to web sites on the world wide web.

Department of Health Home Page

Lots of new information and publications from the DOH. Changes almost every day!

Health Service Journal

The journal of the NHS. What are the NHS managers thinking and doing?

Health and Safety Executive

The web site of the UK Health and Safety Executive. Access to advice, information about initiatives and the publication list.

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Lots of useful information about initiatives and issues in Canada.

University of Edinburgh: Health,
Environment and Work

An excellent resource for teaching and keeping up to date. Lots of other links from this site.

JISCmail home page

Lots of academic discussion lists via e-mail. Go here for information about joining
occenvmed - the UK/Europe occupational medicine discussion list.


European Association of Schools of Occupational Medicine.


This is an on-line resource outlining and explaining hazards and risks in the hospital environment. It is based in the University of Modena, Italy.

The Chief Medical Officer

Obtain the latest information and guidance from the Chief Medical Officer of England, at the Department of Health.